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What we bring to Your School

Our unique combination of Music and Media means our course can add Enrichment, encourages Peer Student Mentoring and cross curricula activities. 

We recognise you may well have a very strong music department but the reality is schools cannot always do it all. There are many kids that are passionate about playing music, yet choose not to participate in school. It could be because of a subject conflict, restricted time or they do not wish to study music formally. We understand, since we were those students!

MyBand is a way to enhance the music life at your school. 

How To Get Myband in your School?

Call us and arrange a meeting.
Assembly and Taster Sessions – The most effective way for us to put across what MyBand workshops offer is for us to present at an assembly.

After School ‘Taster’ session is also a way student’s can get a sense of the fun to be had.

Facilities Requirements:
1 large space and 4 separate classrooms/rehearsal rooms. The Myband Course DOES NOT have to be in the music department. Students bring their own instruments. We will also so bring a certain amount of equipment to run the workshop.